Why have I been asked to upload ID?

You may be required to provide a picture of your ID (either passport or driving licence) to help us verify your identity. The ID you provide must be current - unfortunately we cannot accept expired documents.  This check is nothing to worry about and usually only takes a few minutes, although in some cases it can take a few days to complete. When we receive your information, we will check the information using Experian. This is in no way a credit check, we simply use their services to help as prove your identity.

As bYond is a regulated e-money prepaid product, we must ensure that all our users are verified by completing a basic 'Know Your Customer' process as required under Anti-Money Laundering regulations. This is for the safety and security of your account. If you are asked to provide ID but you don't want to, then unfortunately we will be unable to complete your registration and provide you with a card.

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