How do I register?

You can only get access to a bYond card via your employer. If you're not sure if your company is offering bYond yet, please speak to your HR team - and if they're not, point them in our direction.

Sign up for a bYond account via your employer. This process will vary by organisation so please check with your HR team.
You will receive an invite to register for bYond which will be sent to the email address provided by your employer. This email will include some important details which you'll need when completing registration, including an account number. You will also need to enter your unique Employee ID or reference. This is usually a payroll number or similar, however if you're not sure, please check with your HR team.
When ready, visit to complete your registration.
Enter the account number (provided in your invite email) and your employee ID.
Enter your personal details including name, date of birth, mobile, email and address. Make sure these details are correct as we will use these to complete identity checks where required, and is where we will send your card.
We'll send an SMS one-time passcode to the mobile number that you provided. This ensures we can verify we have the right details as we will use this number to send security codes to you in future.

You are then able to create your log in details which you can use for both the website and mobile app. This includes a username, password and a memorable date. Your username needs to be unique.

Finally, set your marketing preferences and accept the terms and conditions. Once done that's it. You will then be able to login to complete the set up of your account!

Once done that's it. You will then be able to login to complete the set up of your account!
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